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Known as “the Pedro Almodovar of dance theatre”, Peeping Tom eschew traditional storytelling in favour of blurred realities in 32 rue Vandenbranden. Herman Sorgeloos

Melbourne Festival: the Flemish Wave still ebbs and flows in 32 rue Vandenbranden

The founders of Belgian dance company Peeping Tom draw their performance language from the influential Flemish Wave movement of the late 1980s and 90s. Their 32 rue Vandenbranden is part of Melbourne Festival.
Part protest, part dance party, part autobiography, Flexn tells stories of police brutality and racism in dance. Stephanie Berger, Courtesy of Park Avenue Armory

A new protest movement: Flexn your message through dance

Flex, a dance style that originated in Jamaica in the 1990s, has evolved into a protest movement in the US that enables its practitioners to articulate their experiences of racism, police brutality and violence.
What can leggings and leotards teach us about about physics and neuroscience?

Lab coats and leggings: when science and dance connect it’s quite a show

For a growing number of artists, academics, researchers and scientists, dance represents a promising new frontier of exploration. The annual DANscienCE festival shines a spotlight on their findings.
Lucy Guerin has grown to be a prominent mentor and consistently inspirational dance artist. Arts House/Lucy Guerin.

In Motion Picture, dancers drive a cinematic story onstage

Lucy Guerin is a consistent creative and experimental point of contact for many young dancers and choreographers – and her new work, Motion Picture explores the grey area between nostalgia and modernity.
The performers in Nothing To Lose challenge viewers to rethink their ideas about bodies and beauty. Photo: Toby Burrows. Sydney Festival

Taking up space: Nothing to Lose at the Sydney Festival

It may seem odd, and a touch ironic, that the act of taking-up-space is of concern to a fierce-fat-femme like Kelli Jean Drinkwater. Speaking about her current collaboration with Force Majeure and choreographer/director…
Mariaa Randall delivers an impressive performance in HA LF at the Footscray Arts Centre. Photo by Jeff Busby

HA LF’s ‘kooriography’ shines at the Wominjeka Festival

As part of the Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Womenjika Festival this weekend, Mariaa Randall (Githatbul and Gidabul) and the DubaiKungkaMiyalk (DKM) Dance Company’s moving performance HA LF places…
James Thierrée’s Tabac Rouge - a ghoulish dreamscape “choreodrama” at Sydney Festival. AAP/Paul Miller

Theatre of disarray: Tabac Rouge at the 2015 Sydney Festival

French circus performer and director James Thierrée famously eschews comparison with his grandfather Charlie Chaplin, to whom he bears a conspicuous resemblance. But as he and his troupe stood on stage…
Marzo: a tale of renewal and love. Photo: Wolfgang Silveri. Melbourne International Arts Festival

Fantastical sparks: Marzo at the Melbourne Festival

The audience is given few clues before entering the world of Marzo, a dance work currently playing at this year’s Melbourne Festival. We know nothing about the time, the place, or the characters. The stage…
Dancers find their ‘their sultry siren selves’ in Spanish Dance, choreographed by Trisha Brown in 1973. Melbourne Festival

A radical legacy: Trisha Brown’s postmodern dance

A retrospective of the work of American choreographer Trisha Brown (1936-) will be presented at the Melbourne Festival this month. In the performance Early Works, we will have a chance to revisit this…
Chunky Move brings order to the mess of human experience. Photo: Sarah Walker. Melbourne International Arts Festival

The Complexity of Belonging at the Melbourne Festival – reviewed

I’ve often lamented that choosing to study the most complex organisms on Earth was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had; so I am always amazed at how artists represent the mess that is the human experience…
Samba’s origins lie in the dances and religious practices of the West African slaves. EPA/ Marcelo Sayao

Behind the beat: the Brazilian samba

All eyes are on Brazil and its vibrant culture, with the FIFA World Cup now into its third week and Rio de Janeiro set to host the 2016 Olympic Games. But while football is arguably Brazil’s most popular…
It’s probably easier to say what contemporary dance is not. John Hogg/EPA

Explainer: what is contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance is a catch-all phrase used fairly indiscriminately, meaning many things to different dance communities across a wide range of cultures. In fact, it’s probably easier to say what contemporary…
Deadmau5: probably does his sums. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Smart DJs use maths to mix the perfect beat

People are very good at moving in time to a beat. When you listen to your favourite song, you will probably find yourself nodding your head or tapping your foot along almost instinctively. And when you’re…
Carly Sheppard is performing in Melbourne as part of Next Wave. Gregory Lorenzutti

White Face – some notes from a fair-skinned Aboriginal

Carly Sheppard’s latest work, White Face playing as part of Melbourne’s Next Wave festival this week, is a contemporary performance addressing personal experiences as a fair-skinned Aboriginal person based…

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