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Children play in the DDT fog left by the ‘fog truck’ in a New Jersey neighbourhood. George Silk/LIFE 1948

On the origins of environmental bullshit

The undermining of environmental science, and the creation of lies and bribes to distort public policymaking, is as old as industries that know their products do harm, but lie to keep them in use.
President Donald Trump announcing the US’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Book review: how the merchants of doubt undermine science

A book published seven years ago on the role of lobbyists fighting to discredit science has once again become highly relevant.
Roll-your-own tobacco contains more additives than factory made cigarettes. So let’s not kid ourselves it’s safer. from

Busting the myth that roll-your-own tobacco has fewer additives

Roll-your-own tobacco contains additives to stop it from drying out. So, it's hardly a "natural" or "healthier" alternative to factory made cigarettes.

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