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The recall is a democratic tool for active citizen participation and intervention. United Nations Photo/flickr

Flipped elections: can recalls improve democracy?

The recall is an ancient electoral procedure that has gained support in recent decades as a means for voters to defend the democratic state against extremism and serious abuses of power.
The success of Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party has profoundly disrupted the tedious pendulum movement between Left and Right. EPA/Robert Perry

European movements could mark the end of ‘representative’ politics

With a steady hollowing out of membership, the cosying up to vested interests with pockets deep enough to maintain party, today's political parties barely “represent”.
In a continuing dispute over the annulled 2013 election, the voters of the Maldives are demanding to be heard. Dying Regime

Voting in Asia: not meaningless charades, but public wants more

Is it possible to opine about “the state of democracy in Asia”? Although some studies credibly do so, such a task seems challenging to say the least. This is due to the region’s proverbial diversity. And…
Kevin Rudd is fighting another election. Just like the other elections, this is the most important since the last one. AAP/Alan Porritt

Election 2013: the campaign that never ended

It’s an exquisitely portentous cliché, the one that is always trotted out at each Australian election: this is the most important election in a generation, or since World War Two, or the advent of television…

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