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Low-income teens are unable to participate in social media conversations of their wealthier peers. Phone image via

Teens without smartphones encounter a new digital divide

With low-income kids unable to participate in the social media conversations of their wealthier peers, a new form of digital inequity is emerging.
New forms of creativity are proliferating – with the help of technological advancement – and building new activist communities. David Shankbone/Flickr

Creative communities embody a new kind of civic engagement

Can creative activism change the world? In 2015, we are seeing seismic shifts in the functions and forms of creativity – and technological change is amplifying its social role.
The ABC, known for innovating in digital media, is facing increasing budget pressure. Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

ABC budget cuts will hit media innovation

Of the many media organisations making the transition towards digital, the ABC is one of the most advanced. So in the face of a $254 million budget, or “back offices” cut, as Communications Minister Malcolm…
Fairfax chief Greg Hywood hopes the media giant has turned a corner. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Numbers tell it all: Fairfax is still a digital wannabe

Fairfax Media’s full-year results are out, and they confirm at least one thing: the company is still a digital media wannabe. Its digital first strategy is yet to deliver, with the company still heavily…
The ethical questions raised by publishing material from WikiLeaks are not new, but can come with heightened stakes in the digital age. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

WikiLeaks, journalism ethics and the digital age: what did we learn?

The journey of whistleblower website WikiLeaks was traced by, among others, Professor Gerard Goggin, chair of the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. In an analytical narrative…
Emanuele Rosso

Why does analogue still feel good in a digital world?

Is analogue better than digital? Is digital better than dialogue? Though the source of much heated debate, it would seem digital is now virtually unstoppable. There’s not going to be any 35mm film at the…
Some people are looking for a new kind of journalism. Ted Eytan/Flickr

Journalism’s future needs entrepreneurial ‘hackers’

The Guardian and The Washington Post have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for their work in bringing to light documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. It is fashionable…
Australian reading experiences weren’t limited to the pages of printed books – as this screenshot from Christy Dena’s AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS demonstrates. Christy Dena/Universe Creation 101

We are our stories: Australian reading experiences in 2013

I spent most of 2013 living overseas and from afar Australia’s beauty and its fault lines came into sharp focus. In my reading I found myself searching for insight, and three Australian stories stood out…
A budding romance? Ed Yourdon

The iPod zombies are more switched on than you think

Teenagers get a bad rap for zoning out on their iPods at every given opportunity, but they may not be the unsociable narcissists they are often portrayed as. In fact, they are often skilled users who manage…
Good circulation: newspapers are in better health than expected. Rui Vieira/PA

We should be optimistic about the future of British news

At first glance, the British news industry looks to be in trouble. With editors in the dock, a fraught new system of regulation, and declining newspaper circulation, it’s easy to panic about the trajectory…
New Daily editor-in-chief Bruce Guthrie brings a wealth of experience, but will it be enough to support a free, general news publication in a crowded market? AAP/Julian Smith

The hits and misses of journalism’s New Daily

From more than one perspective the New Daily, Australia’s latest online news provider, couldn’t have a better chance of survival. With Bruce Guthrie (ex-Herald Sun and Age editor) as editor-in-chief, Daniel…
Ashes to ashes, pixel to pixel. The latest tech means you can do it your way.

You can linger longer with a digital death

Digital life now begins before birth, with excited expectant parents sharing ultrasound images of their unborn babies online. But your digital life also continues after you die, and can come in handy in…
Learn from the master to take over the world. fugutabetai shyashin

Five things the Washington Post can learn from Amazon

The Washington Post’s purchase by Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos is the latest example of a new generation of internet moguls spending big on pet projects. It was also revealed this week that Google…

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