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Pasta and bolognese sauce were on the menu provided at this Sydney venue by not-for-profit organisation Foodbank.

‘Successful failures’ – the problem with food banks

Foodbanks were originally established as a temporary measure to alleviate food insecurity. But have they become an excuse for governments not to deal properly with the problem?
Canada is one of very few industrialized countries not to have a national school food program. (Shutterstock)

Why your kids need a national school food program

As Canadian kids head back to school this week, many will be hungry. Lacking fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods, they will suffer mood problems, disease and low academic performance.
Does the government’s recently released National Food Plan provide for the needs of food insecure and marginalised Australians? AAP/Alan Porritt

National Food Plan: most Australians are food secure, but can we do more?

The National Food Plan, launched on May 25, spelt out the government’s intentions for Australia’s food industry. Several advocacy groups and academics have highlighted the flawed assumptions in the plan…

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