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At least they’re not bigging up the Nazis again … Akshat Rathi

Daily Mail attack on Miliband’s father is hardly a new low

The Daily Mail’s now infamous essay described Ed Miliband’s father, Ralph, the socialist academic who died in 1994, as “the man who hated Britain”. That, normally, would have been that. It’s hardly news…
Former News International executive Rebekah Brooks leaves the Old Bailey after appearing on charges of conspiring to bribe public officials. It was revelations about journalistic practises at News that inspired inquiries in Australia and the UK. EPA/Andy Rain

UK and Australian media reforms are very different beasts

There are at least two points of convergence in this week’s parliamentary deliberations on media freedom in Australia and the UK. Both are driven by reports – Finkelstein and Leveson respectively – responding…
Lord justice Leveson was in Sydney last week to discuss his findings. AAP/Lukas Coch

Leveson must lead to cultural change for press and public

Britain’s newspaper editors met in a London hotel last week in a bid to fend off statutory regulation of their activities. Warned by prime minister David Cameron on Tuesday that unless they accepted all…
Lord Justice Brian Leveson spoke at a UTS symposium on ‘Privacy in the 21st Century’ in Sydney. Lord Leveson is the Chair of the Leveson Inquiry investigating the role of the press and police in the phone-hacking scandal. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Leveson sees future internet publishing laws

New laws to govern publishing on the internet will likely be needed in future, the chair of the UK’s biggest inquiry into…
The response to Leveson is less about media regulation and more about politics. EPA/Andy Rain

Forget the press, Leveson is all about politics

The good Lord Leveson has certainly set the cat among both the press and political pigeons. His elegantly crafted proposal for establishing a self-regulatory regime for the press, backed by statutory under-pinning…
British Prime Minister, David Cameron leaves 10 Downing street to give a statement on Lord Justice Leveson’s report. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

Leveson report: late opening at the last chance saloon for David Cameron

Few public inquiries have been so closely followed by the British press, or its findings awaited by them with such nervous anticipation as Lord Leveson’s into their culture, practices and ethics. The waiting…
British Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected Leveson’s ecommendation for a statutory body to oversee the new independent press regulator. AAP/ EPA/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

Leveson inquiry into UK press: the experts respond

Lord Justice Leveson has released the recommendations of the Inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press…
Murdered school girl Millie Dowler’s parents arrive at the release of the Leveson Report. EPA/Kerim Okten

Leveson too quiet on relationship between politicians and press

The Leveson Inquiry, set up by the UK coalition government in response to accusations of phone hacking at the now defunct Murdoch newspaper the News of the World, has reported – calling for press regulation…
UK lawyer Charlotte Harris, whose clients included victims of the Murdoch phone hacking scandal, said the police should have done more to protect people. Photo © Mishcon de Reya; Used with permission. All rights reserved

UK phone hacking victims’ lawyer Charlotte Harris: ‘The police were meant to be protecting us’

The ramifications of the UK phone hacking scandal, in which murder victims, journalists and politicians had their phones tapped, are still playing out. Last year the scandal sank the UK tabloid, The News…
Andy Coulson, former News of the World editor and British Prime Minister David Cameron’s former Director of Communications, leaving the Leveson Inquiry. EPA/Karel Prinsloo

The Leveson Inquiry: what have we learned?

Andy Coulson, Former News of the World editor and British Prime Minister David Cameron’s previous Director of Communications, was arrested and charged with perjury last night in relation to evidence he…
James and Rupert Murdoch appearing before the Westminster parliamentary committee that has subsequently attacked their fitness as media proprietors. EPA/Press Association

Rupert Murdoch: the amazing transformation of the Wizard of Oz

Will the damning, and somewhat surprising, verdict brought in on Rupert Murdoch by a committee of British parliamentarians, spell the end of the reign of the Wizard of Oz? The answer depends on what is…
Seven West Media’s decision to withdraw from the Australian Press Council raises questions about the Australian commercial media’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and best practice. AAP

Self-regulation and a media we can trust?

When the report of the Independent Inquiry into the media and media regulation, aka Finkelstein inquiry, was released some time ago, it was denounced as sinister and – like the Leveson Inquiry in the UK…

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