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Cory Bernardi making his now infamous comments on gay marriage in the Australian Senate last night. ABC News

Bernardi slips down the political slope with bestial comments on marriage

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi’s comments about gay marriage have caused an uproar. Today he was forced to step down from his position as parliamentary secretary to Tony Abbott. But are they representative…
Partnerships may be changing, but Australians are still getting married. dawvon

Australian census: for better or worse, marriage persists

AUSTRALIA BY NUMBERS: The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released the first batch of its census data. We’ve asked some of the country’s top demographers and statisticians to crunch the numbers on…
Questions of cuckoldry and fidelity have always existed – and comfort has come from religious customs. More Good Foundation

In the name of the father: the links between religion and paternity

Religious leaders and holy texts share deep preoccupations with sex and reproduction. From Islamic purdah to Jewish menstrual purity laws, to Vatican neuroses about everything from contraception to masturbating…
Sydney protesters rally for marriage equality (March 2012).

Marriage equality and same-sex parenting in Australia

A group of 150 doctors, called Doctors for the Family, have made a submission to the Senate inquiry into gay marriage which argues that children of same-sex parents suffer poorer health and well-being…
Married people are less likely to commit crime. Flickr/Marcus Hansson

Marriage helps reduce crime

More than half of all murders in Australia involve family members. The majority of them are committed by men who kill their partners. Here, as in many other countries, violence in the home is a major social…

Divorce rate linked to first time

Women who had sex for the first time as young teens are more likely to get divorced than those who waited until later, according…
As standards of living have improved, marriage rates have dropped. limpinglemur

Hell’s bells: why marriage gets hard when things get easy

It’s the sort of news conservative politicians and commentators latch on to as a sure-fire sign that the end of civilisation is nigh: marriage rates are in continuing decline. But is this really such a…

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