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Knismesis occurs from a light touch, like a feather touching you and can happen on the skin anywhere on the body.

Curious Kids: Why are we ticklish?

People have wondered for years and scientists still don't know for sure.

Catfish hunts by detecting pH changes

A species of catfish locates its prey by sensing tiny changes in seawater pH. John Caprio from Louisiana State University…
“Give me some skin! No, really.” saikofish

Explainer: what is electronic skin?

Once a topic explored exclusively in science fiction, the notion of restoring sensory feelings to humans and to machines is now approaching reality. Scientists around the world are developing artificial…
Gentle physical contact activates a special type of nerve cell linked to emotion. Jonathan McPherskesen/Flickr

Nerves of endearment: how a gentle touch affects emotions

A soft and tender caress between two people can trigger a flood of emotions, and now we may have some idea why. Research [published in Neuron](…
Body shapes can now be ‘seen’ by congenitally blind people, thanks to special software. ►Milo►/Flickr

Blind people can ‘see’ bodies with sound: study

Congenitally blind people have been taught to perceive body shape and posture through “soundscapes” that translate images…

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