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The knowledge economy still needs footsoldiers. purpleslog

Others can learn from the ways tech firms find and keep staff

Tech businesses are among the most innovative organisations because they have to be – they face a fast-changing industry of rapidly advancing technology, evolving consumer needs, and competitors emerging…
Blow a few grand on a gold watch, and you can help sustain tech firm profits. Apple

Technology firms need new strategies as the purpose of devices changes

The profits generated by some technology firms are awe-inspiring, serving as beacons for those at less fortunate enterprises. Devices have accounted for a large part of that success, particularly smartphones…
Do you believe in bubbles? David Jones/PA

Looking beyond the headlines shows there is no tech bubble

There has been lots of talk lately of a “tech bubble”. The NASDAQ composite index - a widely observed benchmark of the high-tech sector - last week reached the level of 4000 for the first time since the…
The start of something beautiful? Garrett Heath

Twitter frenzy could generate another tech bubble

During the past few years, a strange evening ritual has begun to spring up around the City of London. Instead of heading to the local pub with their colleagues, city workers are flocking to cocktail parties…

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