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The AAR campaign against plain cigarette packaging is funded by big tobacco. Jessica Rabbit/Flickr

Tobacco PR push runs out of puff as retailers play victim

Ever since Pope Urban VII spent part of his 13-day reign in 1590 threatening smokers with excommunication, smoking regulation has been controversial. And the response from tobacco supporters and companies…
Although banned from sale in Australia, e-cigarettes are readily available online. AAP

E-cigarettes aren’t a solution – they’re part of the problem

On a recent long-haul flight, with very limited movie options, I watched the Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp movie The Tourist (two thumbs firmly down). A particular scene on a train to Venice did catch…
Incremental measures have reduced smoking among men from 72% in 1945 to 21% in 2007.

Plain cigarette packaging will change smoking… slowly

When it comes to branding and advertising, much of what we are exposed to creates only marginal difference. But even small differences can tip the balance toward a particular choice, and plain packaging…

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