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Like humans, ‘man’s best friend’ can sense our emotions through voice alone. Flickr/TheGiantVermin

Dogs hear human happiness – it’s in his (or her) master’s voice

Dogs really are our best friends. A study published today in Current Biology shows not only do dogs and humans read emotions in each other’s “voices”, but both are more attuned to “happy” sounds. And the…
The pitch of male koalas’ mating calls is about 20 times lower than it should be. wazuluwazu

Grunt work: unique vocal folds give koalas their low-pitched voice

The secret to koalas’ distinctive low-pitched vocalisations has been found, according to a [study published today](…
Stay still, I’ve missed a bit. PA/Tim Whitby

Doing Arnie impressions can activate your brain

The voice is an important tool which we use to communicate and express ourselves. But our voices convey so much more than the words we say. Just a few words can reveal clues about someone’s gender, age…

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