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A very bad year for the Great Barrier Reef. AAP Image/XL Catlin Seaview Survey

2016, the year that was: Environment + Energy

In a year of coral bleaching, power blackouts, electricity arguments and Donald Trump, 2016 made the previous year's climate of environmental optimism rather difficult to maintain.
2015 showed how much race still matters in education. Illinois Springfield

2015, the year that was: education

The year 2015 escalated many of the tensions that have existed on university and college campuses for a long time. It will be remembered as the year of student activism.
It’s time to look back on a year of art and culture. Blake Danger Bentley. Melbourne street art

2015, the year that was: Arts + Culture

It's another year in Arts + Culture, so in case you missed it we've collected all the best coverage of screen, theatre, music, books and culture in one place.
A snapshot of 2015: health reviews, Health Check series, thalidomide series, Medicare versus private health insurance. AAP; Shutterstock; Julian Smith/; Dave Hunt/AAP

2015, the year that was: Health + Medicine

This was the year of the health review – mental health care, Medicare, private health insurance, the pharmacy industry ... and the list goes on. But how much movement was there on policy?
An update on the classic Earthrise photo: NASA’s latest image of Earth from one million miles away. NASA Earth Observatory

2015, the year that was: environment and energy

From California’s drought and fracking in the US to the pope's encyclical and the post-Paris future of climate change, environment and energy stories rose to global importance this year.
Like space probe Dawn above dwarf planet Ceres, we aimed to bring back up-close and personal data on the year’s science and technology stories. NASA/JPL-Caltech

2015, the year that was: science and technology

Science + Technology covers an awful lot of ground. Here's what we chose to focus on during 2015.
Whose money pile is growing was a key issue in 2015. Money tree via

2015, the year that was: economics and business

Our scholars delivered a steady supply of research and analysis on what was a busy year in business and economics.
Tony Abbott leaves the partyroom on September 14, having lost the Liberal leadership and prime ministership to Malcolm Turnbull. AAP/Sam Mooy

2015, the year that was: Politics + Society

2015 started as it finished, with terrorist atrocities, intractable conflicts and political upheavals that toppled several leaders, including Australia's prime minister, Tony Abbott.
We’ll always have Paris - arguably the year’s defining image for climate policy. Reuters/Stephane Mahe

2015, the year that was: Environment + Energy

Amid the usual doom and gloom, 2015 brought one big environmental triumph: the first truly global climate deal.
Broadcaster Alan Jones was a good sport and readily acknowledged his error on the cost of wind power, giving The Conversation its best-read FactCheck of 2015. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

FactCheck Year in Review: sorting fact from fiction in 2015

In 2015 we heard plenty of assertions that sounded a lot like facts -- even when they really weren't.