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Smash the system, not traffic lights. flikr/bobaliciouslondon

Why aren’t unemployed young people rioting in the streets?

A fifth of Britain’s young people are out of work; how long before they snap? The International Labour Organisation has recently issued warnings about possible youth unrest in the future, as young people…
So much for green shoots. Lynne Cameron/PA

Should we really be boasting about the British jobs market?

The UK labour market has done much better than expected since the start of the recession. Although we are suffering the worst recovery for over a century – national income has shrunk by almost 3% since…
For many young Australians, getting a full-time job — or even sufficient part-time hours — is a significant challenge. AAP

Youth face snakes and ladders on the path to full-time employment

Getting a job is a major concern for young Australians. Last year’s National Survey of Young Australians showed a large rise in the proportion of young people valuing getting a job, from 16% in 2010 to…
With stable jobs in short supply, what does the future hold for Australia’s young workers? AAP

The precariat is recruiting: youth, please apply

The term “precariat” conveys the idea that the old working class, the proletariat, has transmuted into a new social class where work and life are characterised by precariousness and risk. While the old…
While young people in Australia might not have to deal with the extremes of the GFC, they are facing other challenges. Youth image from

Generation next: where to for Australia’s young people?

A new report shows that one in four young Australians are not fully engaged in employment or training despite government targets aiming to get more young people qualified or into a job. But compared to…
Show of unity: Spain’s King Juan Carlos (centre) supported austerity cuts by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy - but expressed concern about their impact on Spanish youth. AAP

Spain faces brain drain as its youth looks for a future abroad

Half of Spain’s youth (that is, those under the age of 25) are now officially unemployed, while overall unemployment in Spain stands at 24.4%, according to the latest figures released by the Spanish Institute…
Young people are subjected to the most harmful economic effects of the two-speed economy.

Youth unemployment: a two-speed divide?

Much of the commentary around the “two-speed” economy focuses on the differences between the gains made by mining-related sectors and other parts of the Australian economy that have slowed in recent years…

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