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The default position in social and political theory is to disregard children altogether, or to consider them as learner-citizens. AAP/Lucy Hughes Jones

Giving voice to the young: survey shows people want under-18s involved in politics

When children and young people have opportunities for active citizenship, they demonstrate a wide range of ways of contributing to their communities.
Studies have shown that young people do not consider politicians and political parties to be representative of issues that impact them. AAP/Lukas Coch

Many young people aren’t enrolled to vote – but are we asking them the wrong question?

Concern about youth electoral enrolment is framed the wrong way. It usually suggests that young people are somehow deficient and that they – and not the political culture – are the problem.
Young voters need more than a sign to find their way to the ballot box. KClvey/Flickr

Electoral reform loses nearly one million young voters

Recent figures suggest nearly one million people – many of them university students – have fallen off the voters’ register over the past year. With a general election looming, this is an alarming statistic…

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