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Call for smoking status to be added to death certificate

Australian researchers have shown that asking whether the deceased smoked on death certificates can lead to better targeted prevention programs.

The research published today in the Lancet, suggests that a simple yes/no question on South African death registration forms led to greater understanding of exactly who in the population was smoking.

Although smoking levels have decreased in Australia, with around 16% of the population smoking, tobacco is still one of the leading causes of preventable deaths.

Read more at Cancer Council NSW

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  1. Chas Winfield

    logged in via Facebook

    Why not list all our habits on a death certificate?

    1. James Jenkin

      EFL Teacher Trainer

      In reply to Chas Winfield

      Indeed Chas.

      You could probably also lower smoking rates by forcing smokers to bare their buttocks in public, or by whipping their children.

      But there's a point when public health interventions start getting weird.

  2. Zeo maz

    Untrained Monkey.

    "Died by internal injuries after being hit by a bus but he was a smoker!!" HaHaHa.