Patterns and proofs

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At auctions, does the house always ‘win’?

The Lichtenstein went for $56m and the Pollock fetched $58m. Someone bought Rothko’s piece for $27m, and the wining bid for the Basquiat was over $48m. In total, auction house Christie’s record-breaking…
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Now I know how the caged bird sings

The nightingale is something of a virtuoso. While some birds churn out lengthy, alarm-clock-like notes, it produces an intricate array of melodies. It also has a memory for music: nightingales are able…

Spotting the collapse of a species before it happens

In the summer of 1992, the north Atlantic cod population collapsed. For five hundred years, the offshore fishery had been a central part of life on the Canadian coast. But overfishing had led to a sudden…