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Cyclone Debbie didn’t present strongly on twitter according to the ATNIX. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

ATNIX: Debbie misses Twitter

News sharing on Twitter focuses on a broad range of topics, even as Cyclone Debbie dominated other news sources, as shown by the Australian Twitter News Index for March 2017.

ATNIX: Crisis news floods Twitter

The Australian Twitter News Index for February 2017 reflects the current climate of permanent crisis, at home and abroad.

Echo Chamber? What Echo Chamber?

Stop blaming social media's echo chambers for Brexit and Donald Trump: there's little evidence that they actually exist.

ATNIX: Australian Twitter News Index, June-July 2016

Two media events dominate the Australian Twitter News Index for June/July: the election drives visitors to Australian news sites, but the Don Dale scandal boosts social media sharing for the ABC.