Performing Femininity

Performing Femininity

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The importance of women’s literary prizes

Time to adjust your sets. Since October last year, this column has focused on television, but “Square Eyes” has now metamorphosed into “Portable Magic”, and will discuss books, reading, and literary culture…
Jennie Park.

Saying ‘I don’t’ to reality TV romance

If you’re under the age of 30 and consider yourself beautiful (if you’re a woman) or intelligent (if you’re a man), now is the time to seize the opportunity to audition for the sixth season of Beauty and…

What YouTube has done to the music video star

In 1981, MTV was launched with a woman in a tinsel wig being beamed to Earth (well, she actually slid awkwardly down a plastic tube) to join men in shiny suits playing wood-grained synthesisers. The Buggles…
true blood tube.

Will TV series go the way of Charles Dickens?

In 1841, crowds bustled at the New York docks to meet a vessel just arrived from England. “Is Little Nell dead?” people shouted. They were desperate to learn how Charles Dickens’s serial novel The Old…