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Developing an e-commerce strategy for small firms

In an earlier article I discussed the findings of the Sensis e-Business Report for 2012 and the Sensis Business Index for September 2012. One of the key findings was the high level of interest by Australian…

Lessons from entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has become a popular buzz-word in many parts of the world and is often enthusiastically embraced by governments seeking to stimulate job creation and economic growth. Successful entrepreneurs…

The patent wars: Apple versus Android

The recent decision by a US federal court in California to rule that Samsung had violated the patent rights of Apple has seen both Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and millions of Apple’s devoted customers cheering…

Smart nation: building the national innovation system

Few would deny that innovation is important to the prosperity and growth of the national economy. Around the world governments are keen to see more innovation occurring with the anticipation that this…