Culture is key to preventing workplace injury: research

Preventing a workplace injury is more complicated than simply providing a safe working environment, according to new research. The way employees interact together and the culture of a workplace has been found to be integral to preventing workplace injury.

Leading Monash University safety researchers will be showcasing some of the latest research on workplace safety at the next Monash Business Breakfast to be held this Thursday. The importance of building a culture of safety, and innovative ways of managing worker fatigue will be among the topics examined.

Director of the Monash Injury Research Institute Professor Rod McClure said the next level of improvement in workplace safety would come from designing and implementing safer practices on a system level.

“Through taking this holistic view and drawing on the resources of Monash University and international collaborations, our researchers are developing practical solutions that are shown to significantly reduce injury in the workplace.”

“This means developing Research has shown that sleep deprivation can also adversely affect employee performance and increase the risk of injuries. Dr Tracey Sletten has conducted extensive research on the effects of light intervention for reducing fatigue, particularly for shift workers.

"Our Institute is one of the few all-injury research institutes in the world. This means we address all aspects contributing to injury, including the human factors, interactions between people and equipment, design of workplaces and organisational culture,” Professor McClure said.

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