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Endangered turtles swallowing twice as much plastic

Green and Leatherback turtles are swallowing plastic at twice the rate they were 25 years ago.

The research conducted by the University of Queensland and CSIRO found the turtles are eating plastic more than any other form of debris.

Ocean dwelling turtles were found to consume more debris than their coastal dwelling counterparts.

The researchers aren’t certain why the turtles are eating more plastic. However turtles in areas with high levels of marine debris did not necessarily experience a correspondingly high probability of debris ingestion.

Read more at University of Queensland, CSIRO

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  1. Frances Kendall


    Each week, I find myself in a "Food Hall" in a very large shopping centre. I watch in horror as people go to the Subway store presumably to buy a "healthier" lunch. They come away with the food in a paper bag and then,in a large plastic bag. They walk twenty feet to the nearest empty table and remove the roll from the plastic bag which is then put into a rubbish tin!!!Maybe Subway is healthier for us but it's helping in the devastation of sea creatures!!