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What is a Small Private Online Course? And how is it different to a MOOC? Shutterstock

Explainer: what is a Small Private Online Course?

If you have studied an online course at a university over the past couple of decades, you’ve probably already experienced a SPOC, or Small Private Online Course. SPOC is a new term for an old concept…
People argue over whether learning should take place online or face-to-face, but does it have to be one or the other? Flickr/Noticias UFM

Online vs face-to-face learning: why can’t we have both?

Ever since the invention of the printed word, academics have been arguing about the proper place of technology in teaching. On one side are those who I’ll call the traditionalists who insist on the primacy…
Human-centred leraning, a thing of the past? Professor via Olly/Shutterstock

Does the age of online education herald the death of academics?

In the mid-1980s as a further education lecturer I was mocked by some more traditional colleagues for using “lantern slides”, their term for the then newfangled technology of the overhead projector, or…
While MOOCs are free, their value lies in providing information about how students learn. Flickr/Ilonka Talina

MOOCs: learning about online learning, one click at a time

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, took the world by storm in 2012. After years of experimentation at the fringes of higher education, prestigious universities from around the world progressively surged…
Many students drop out of online degrees because they don’t feel a sense of belonging with the course or university. Flickr/Fleep Tuque

‘Sense of belonging’ enhances the online learning experience

For the past couple of years Australian universities’ enthusiasm for online learning has increased, following the lead of international universities in realising the potential of MOOCs to replace traditional…
It was thought the printing press would make lectures redundant, but instead universities used the technology to their advantage. Flickr/Seattle Municipal Archives

Technology improves higher learning, it doesn’t kill it

As MOOC mania approached its peak in 2012, Anant Agarwal, the president of the Massive Open Online Course platform edX, claimed: Online education for students around the world will be the next big thing…
Massive Open Online Courses may be fun and cheap, but they don’t really replicate the on-campus experience. Flickr/Sharla Sava

The value of MOOCs lies with employers

One often sees news stories about how changes in information technology are killing off different industries. Newspapers are read online rather than in print, and who bought a book in a physical shop lately…
Is technology signalling the end to university lectures?

To lecture or not to lecture: is technology reinventing the campus?

With technology changing the landscape of higher education, The Conversation is running a series “Re-imagining the Campus” on the future of campus learning. Here, Tom Cochrane outlines how technology is…

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