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US bankers like JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon fear increased bank regulation. Chuck Hagel/Flickr

Time for bankers to have a capital rethink

A plan by US regulators to impose greater capital requirements on the nation’s eight biggest banks has prompted complaints it will put the banks at a global disadvantage. The proposal is that the banks…
The government’s financial system inquiry should consider whether growth in the system is hampering economic growth. AAP/Tony McDonough

Is Australia’s financial system a zero sum game?

Governments seem to be enamoured with financial markets, judging by the support they give them around the world to encourage their growth. The assumption seems to be that there’s always a positive relationship…
The Reserve Bank’s mandate is much broader than that of prudential regulator, APRA. ArchivesACT/Flickr

The case for the Reserve Bank to swallow APRA

One of the major recommendations made by the 1997 Wallis Inquiry into banking was to establish a prudential regulator for the financial sector separate from the Reserve Bank of Australia. The new regulator…
All banking comes with risk, but it could be better disclosed. Shutterstock

Why your bank account should come with a risk rating

What is the interest rate on your savings account? If you don’t know, you can easily find out. Banks advertise their rates prominently. They want you to know what they’re offering. After all, the interest…
Electronic payments will eventually trump cash. Dan Peled/AAP

Building a financial system for a cashless age

If the Financial System Inquiry is to achieve its aim of helping to promote growth and productivity in the Australian economy it will need to focus strongly on electronic payments. Submissions to the inquiry…
Banks are asking former CBA chief David Murray, now heading the Financial Systems Inquiry, to consider tax breaks on interest income. AAP/Dean Lewins

Banks want you to pay less tax on interest, but why?

Australia’s big banks want the government to give their customers tax breaks on interest income, having told the Financial Systems Inquiry it would encourage more savings. In turn, the banks will have…

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