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While the budget proved somewhat of an empty shell for corporate Australia, small businesses had reason for cheer. tiny banquet committee

A political shell game for small business?

The 2012 federal budget offers to return a modest surplus of $1.5 billion over the financial year 2012-2013, with the hope of further surplus budgets in the following years. In normal circumstances, this…
As the government scrambles to balance the books, the business community has voiced its fears that Treasurer Wayne Swan will renege on his promise of a 1% reduction in the corporate tax rate. AAP

Corporate tax cuts at risk - but are they really required?

In the last 24 hours, we have heard mutterings about the possibility that an earlier commitment to cuts in the corporate tax rate may not go ahead in the budget. Some in the business community have, unsurprisingly…
Improving the transparency and evaluation of major infrastructure projects is one way to increase productivity. AAP

Budget provides a chance to carve out the path to higher productivity

Productivity growth results in more valued output per unit of production input, or the same output for fewer inputs. Growth of productivity requires changes involving the adoption of new technology, better…
The ability of our politicians to achieve a surplus or balance the budget is spuriously taken as a measure of fiscal responsibility. AAP

Returning to surplus: the policy wall our politicians can’t see over

The Federal Government’s quest to return the budget to surplus raises many questions and not just about what immediate rationale there is on economic grounds for this strategy. It also raises deeper questions…
Raising the income tax rate can disproportionately burden young people and low-income earners.

Counting the costs of higher taxes

Oliver Wendell Holmes, jnr famously said that he liked paying income tax: it was the price of civilisation. Sure, he bought his civilisation at about seven cents in the dollar, but the general point remains…
Income inequality is a big issue for Australia, but tax reform offers many solutions. AAP

Tax Forum: overcoming private affluence and public squalor

What can we expect from the Tax Forum at Parliament House today and tomorrow? We may anticipate consensus that the tax system should be efficient, fair, understandable and effective in raising the revenue…
fenceneoliminal. Flickr/Neoliminal

Housing and tax: why is reform so hard?

There will be a myriad of issues debated at this week’s Tax Forum but top of the wishlist for many experts is reforming housing taxation. Housing makes up the lion’s share of household wealth in Australia…
Increasingly, the impossible dream? Government policy has contributed to a lack of affordable housing. AAP

Tax Forum: reforming how property is taxed means we’ll tackle affordability

The Federal government’s Tax Forum offers a unique opportunity to begin remedying some of the inefficiencies and inequities we are witnessing in our housing system. Housing in Australia has become an unaffordable…
A GST exemption on basic food was a political argument, not economic, and should be reviewed. AAP

Tax Forum: the GST exemption should come off food

It is a shame that the GST is off the menu at October’s Tax Forum, because one of its central tenets – the exemption of basic food and beverages – deserves to be debated again. The exemption is basically…
Is it time to reform the GST? AAP

Tax forum: GST needs changing, so let’s debate it

While changes to the GST are not an explicit item on the Tax Forum agenda, they should be and the issue will arise anyway. A broad and comprehensive GST tax base along the lines of the New Zealand model…

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