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Women who use donor breast milk weigh the risks against risks associated with infant formula. Flickr/pfly

Mothers seeking wet nurses need support not scaremongering

Wet nursing, where a woman other than the mother breastfeeds a baby, is a practice as old as history itself. In modern times, the availability of refrigeration and breast pumps has enabled women to also…
David Koch meets breastfeeding advocates who converged outside the studio where his show is recorded. AAP/Damian Shaw

Feeding frenzy: public breastfeeding is good for us all

The host of Sunrise breakfast television show, David Koch, aka Kochie, has stirred controversy by saying mothers should breastfeed “discreetly” and that while he agreed that breastfeeding should be done…
All available evidence tells us that more investment is needed in preventive health – not cuts. angelsk

Brace yourself for a fatter, unhealthier Queensland after health promotion cuts

Queensland appears intent on dismantling its public and preventive health services. Health Minister Lawrence Springborg last week outlined the rationale for getting rid of more than 150 jobs in nutrition…
Just 14% of Australian babies are exclusively breastfed at six months of age. NoVa Hokie

Nestlé and beyond: looking into infant formula’s chequered past

A recent change to Nestlé’s NAN H.A. 1 Gold infant formula has been accused of making babies sick and irritable, with parents claiming the “new and improved” formula came with side effects such as constant…
Breastfeeding is good for the health of both babies and their mothers. Ozgur POYRAZOGLU

Explainer: why mothers should breastfeed

Breast milk is one of the most important components of infant care. It provides complete nutrition and helps to prevent and fight infections. And it’s also safer – in much of the world, artificial infant…
Cover of the latest US edition of Time magazine.

Time #3: why does it hurt to look at a woman breastfeeding?

The media storm surrounding Time magazine’s recent cover featuring a three-year-old boy breastfeeding while standing on a chair, indicates how important it is for more images of breastfeeding to be circulated…
Cover of the latest US edition of Time magazine.

Time #2: extreme parenting, Time magazine style

If Time magazine editors had set out to garner a huge amount of free publicity with their latest cover, they’ve achieved their aim. This week’s US edition featuring a photograph of a young, attractive…
Cover of the latest US edition of Time magazine.

Time #1: what’s wrong with this picture?

Breastfeeding generally falls under the jurisdiction of mothers, so I decided to ask a group of mothers I see regularly on Saturday morning what they thought of the recent Time magazine cover portraying…
You can use all kinds of iPhone apps to track and improve your health. chunghow33

Reviewing the top medical iPhone apps … what’s the diagnosis?

Want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage your diabetes or get a good night’s sleep? No worries. There’s an app for all of that. But it’s not always clear which medical apps are based on solid evidence…

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