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In his Tuesday National Press Club address, Chris Bowen highlighted the need to preserve Australia’s AAA credit rating. Dean Lewins/AAP

Aspiring treasurer Chris Bowen looks fit for purpose

Chris Bowen presented at the National Press Club on Tuesday as a well-prepared alternative treasurer, who could slot into the real job very easily if July 2 brought the chance. “Neat” is the word that…
Chris Bowen talks about his new book, The Money Men, in which he analyses twelve of Australia’s most notable treasurers. Stefan Postles/AAP

Politics podcast: Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen and Michelle Grattan step away from the day-to-day politics to talk about Bowen’s new book, The Money Men, in which he writes about twelve of Australia’s most notable treasurers.
Treasurer Joe Hockey said the Intergenerational Report was ‘a social compact between the generations’. AAP/Lukas Coch

Hockey looks to elderly for Australian prosperity

By mid-century, Australia will have about 40,000 people aged 100 and above – well more than 300 times the 122 centenarians there were in 1975, according to the Intergenerational Report released on Thursday.
Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen says Hockey wants a big heft in debt ceiling so he won’t have to come back to Parliament again. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Labor plays hardball on debt ceiling – as well as on mining tax and carbon price

The opposition is going into the new parliament with something of the “relentlessly negative” frame of mind that it used to attack in Tony Abbott. It will try to deny the government its way on the three…
Would business leaders pay to see Anthony Albanese (pictured) debate Bill Shorten for the Labor leadership? AAP/Dan Peled

Let business pay to hear from ALP contestants: Albanese

Anthony Albanese has suggested Labor should help pay for its leadership contest by running a forum for business people to…
Chris Bowen’s mini budget doesn’t tackle the structural problems facing the Australian budget. AAP/Lukas Coch

Bowen’s band-aid mini budget

Chris Bowen, the new Labor Treasurer, has announced the government’s plans for savings and new sources of revenue to meet a budget shortfall with the aim of bring about the elusive budget surplus in 2016/17…
Bearers of bad news: Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Penny Wong deliver the government’s economic statement.

Economic statement: experts respond

A slowing economy and drop in government revenue has led to an increased budget deficit, new taxes and some cuts to existing programs. Delivering the Rudd government’s long awaited economic statement…
Treasurer Chris Bowen needs voters to put a 1 next to his party on the ballot in the upcoming election. Will his new book help win the political argument? AAP/Dean Lewins

Chris Bowen’s plan to win hearts and minds and save Labor

Treasurer Chris Bowen’s new blueprint for Labor party reform Hearts and Minds gives us the easy listening version of Paul Keating, just as Tony Abbott offers us the same for John Howard. The book provides…
Julia Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen after the High Court ruled the Malaysian Solution invalid. AAP

Onshore processing: what it means for asylum seekers

The Federal Government’s position on handling asylum seekers is in disarray. The High Court has ruled its Malaysia Solution invalid and the Coalition has indicated it will not support moves to amend the…

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