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Salt-resistant crops will be a boon for farmers whose properties are increasingly affected by salinity. EPA/Larry W. Smith

New variety of salt-tolerant wheat could help address food shortages

A new type of wheat bred with a gene that removes sodium from water can outgrow conventional strains by up to 25% in salty…

Climate change causes animals to shrink

In a review of past studies researchers have found that 38 of 85 documented plants and animals have shrunk in size due to…

Discovery into plant immunity

An important cog in the molecular machinery of plant immunity discovered by researchers could help ensure food security…
Sequencing the potato genome paves the way for breeding out vulnerability to blight, a disease that decimated crops and helped cause the Irish Potato Famine. Flickr/Ben Millett

Scientists sequence potato genome to boost blight fight

Scientists have unlocked the complex genetic code of the potato, paving the way for new techniques to breed a tougher, more…

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