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Could a randomly selected tree make a better president than Donald Trump? Bruce Irschick/flickr

Democracy needs more trees and less Trump

If people are starting to look much worse in democratic terms, trees are starting to look much better. We are learning that plants engage in meaningful and, more to the point, truthful communication.
Industrial agriculture has created a food system that is inherently undemocratic in its disregard for human need. Shutterstock/Todd Klassy

Food democracy: why eating is unavoidably political

The global food production system is inherently undemocratic. Based on shared experiences of the adverse effects, the world's citizens need to intervene as democratic publics to transform a broken system.
At one climate change conference after another, leaders of the developed democracies solemnly pledge action, then return to the gridlock of political systems with 19th-century origins. EPA/COP20

Hidden crisis of liberal democracy creates climate change paralysis

Even as the challenges of climate change grow ever more obvious, what remains largely unacknowledged is the crisis in liberal democratic politics that is preventing an effective response.
In the Anthropocene, human-driven forces are shaping the planet in ways that may risk the collapse of human civilisation. Damián Bakarcic/flickr

Anthropocene raises risks of Earth without democracy and without us

The Anthropocene, as an epoch of human-driven planetary change, poses huge environmental and political problems. But it could also force us to develop proper ecological and democratic accountability.
Former Liberal leader John Hewson, Australian Youth climate Coalition co-director Lucy Mann and the Climate Institute’s chief executive John Connor greet a dinosaur outside Parliament House. AAP/Katina Curtis

Climate concern grows – but little faith in leaders on the issue

Australians are deeply cynical about both sides’ approach to climate change but especially mistrust Tony Abbott’s attitude, according to polling released by the Climate Institute on the eve of the reintroduction…
It’s 100 million years since Pangea, and we’re still waiting. Herada

Why is there still no World Environment Organisation?

It seems an anomaly that among the 15 autonomous, specialised agencies within the United Nations – such as the FAO, WMO, WHO, or UNESCO – there is no dedicated environmental organisation. This secondary…
South Australia’s wind energy per capita is higher than any major country in the world, the report said.

Renewable energy sector grows but barriers remain

Energy production must shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources within four decades to avoid the most damaging consequences…
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The Greening of Democracy

Dear reader, don’t let yourselves be fooled: whatever political charlatans, cynics or melancholics say to the contrary, democracy as we know it is turning green. There’s never been a period in the history…

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