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Good urban planning and support services can make a life-and-death difference to victims of family violence. Denizo71/Shutterstock

Better urban planning can reduce the tragedies of domestic violence

Three shocking incidents, in which three children and one adult died, have dominated the news in Melbourne in the past two months. On Easter Sunday, Indiana and Savannah Mihayo were murdered in their grandparents…
One in three women will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime, a new report from the World Health Organisation has revealed. AAP/Dan Peled

WHO report reveals the greatest risk to women is often in the home

This week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released a report examining global estimates of violence against women. The report examines two forms of violence – intimate partner violence and non-partner…
The sensationalist coverage of the domestic violence inflicted in public on celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has the potential to normalise the behaviour. EPA/Sebastien Nogier

The media ‘spectacle’ of Nigella Lawson’s domestic abuse

There is something concerning about the media coverage of Charles Saatchi’s violence against his wife, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson. It is the willingness of the news media to reproduce images of Lawson’s…
Globally, one in three women will be beaten in their lifetime. Angela Sevin

Ending violence against women is good for everyone

Gender-based violence is condemned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. But globally, one in three women will…
Victims of domestic violence can suffer at work as well as at home. AAP/Angela Brkic

Domestic violence now at home in the Fair Work Act

As global attention has focused this week on the issue of violence against women via the One Billion Rising movement, Australia is at the forefront of a wholly new approach to dealing with the impacts…
Does the media need to rethink their reporting on violence against women? AAP/Melissa Iaria

Reporting on violence against women not up to par

A journalist and friend once said to me, “everyone thinks they’ve been badly represented by the media”. This struck me, as for the past three years Melbourne Law School Professor Jenny Morgan and I have…
Online stalking gets far too much attention, but it’s worth making some changes to prevent it happening to you. Flickr/Ed Yourdon

Stop the trolls: how to prevent cyber stalking happening to you

Recent cases of online abuse against Charlotte Dawson and NRL player Robbie Farah have attracted considerable media attention and triggered public debate about how to respond to this issue. But how big…
Jane Ashton successfully campaigned for the provocation defence to be abolished in Victoria after James Ramage used the defence for killing her sister Julie. AAP Image/ Brent Bignell

Murder or manslaughter? NSW ponders the provocation problem

In Parliament last week, NSW took steps towards better understanding, and potentially solving, the problems posed by the partial defence of provocation. A defence predominately used by men, provocation…
Eileen Creamer was sentenced to a minimum of seven years imprisonment for the defensive homicide of her violent partner. AAP/Julian Smith

Domestic violence: how the law treats women who kill a violent partner

In the vast majority of cases where women kill their partners, there is a history of domestic violence. Isolation as well as often cyclical psychological and physical abuse means leaving home is not only…
Jeannie Blackburn was the victim of horrific domestic violence from a man commended for heroism. AAP/Julian Smith

The ethics of bravery: why a Black Saturday ‘hero’ lost his award

Last week, I received an email with the subject line: “Bravery award for baby killer.” It urged readers to sign a petition calling on the Royal Humane Society of Australia to rescind a bravery…

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