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The concept of junk DNA has been debunked by a massive new genetic mapping project. AAP

Human Genome 2.0: ENCODE project debunks ‘junk’ DNA

DNA previously written off as junk actually acts as a lever controlling genetic activity, leading to health or illness, reveals…
These genes exert their influence through the immune system. Flickr/Natashacld

Revealed: 57 pieces of the MS puzzle

In one of the largest human genetic studies ever undertaken, scientists have identified the major common genetic variants that contribute to the cause of the devastating neurological disease, multiple…
Try as you might, there’s no proof you can control your genetic expression. mutsmuts/Flickr

Think you can think yourself better? Think again

Can the way we think influence the way we feel? Most of us would say yes. But can thinking affect the way our bodies behave on a genetic level? Can we, in essence, think ourselves better? A growing band…

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