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It’s getting harder to know where home starts and the office ends. webtreats

LinkedIn, Twittered out – the business and pleasure of social media

This week, the American National Labour Review Board ruled to reinstate five workers fired for complaining about a co-worker on Facebook. The board decided writing about work on Facebook was equivalent…
A battle is raging over search and serendipity online. AndYaDontStop

Is StumbleUpon trumping Facebook in the internet attention wars?

The latest salvo in the internet attention wars has come in the form of figures from StatCounter. A relatively small content driving service called StumbleUpon drove more than 50% of all social media referral…
Has online face time finally come of age?

Face to Facebook: can video chat get over its hang-ups?

Last week, Facebook introduced one-to-one video calling. With a claimed userbase of 750 million accounts, the potential for ubiquitous video calling seems obvious. But, will it work? Of all post-industrial…
Google+ faces an uphill struggle to win hearts and minds. Google

10 reasons why Google+ will never be Facebook

Google is hoping that the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again” will work out for them with Google+. Launched as a private beta version on Tuesday, Google+ is the search giant’s latest…
Your Facebook snaps now come with a hidden catch. rishibando

Facebook and facial recognition – you’ve been tagged

Around 2 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook each day. As of this week, every new image will be processed by automatic face recognition software, designed to identify the people in the photographs…
Facebook is a key tool for the modern revolutionary. AAP

Facebook is the new superpower

Facebook, with more than 500 million members, has now reached superpower status. If Facebook were a country, its supporters often say, its population would rank behind only China and India. But there is…
Do you trust Facebook as much as you would your best friend? Karen Bleier/AFP

Facebook and your privacy: friend or “unfriend”?

Unless you’ve been chained to a fax machine for the past seven years, you’ll have noticed that Facebook is immensely popular. Users numbered 641 million by February of this year. Making and maintaining…

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