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The UK’s strong financial markets have always been attractive to startups but uncertainty might affect venture capital. Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Brexit harms startups but it may not be fatal

Brexit's presents some problems for startups in labour, trade and regulation but its not all bad.
ASIC hopes it will lure fintech startups from Australia and Singapore to its innovation program.

Business Briefing: ASIC tries to prevent fintech startups from becoming scammers

Business Briefing: ASIC tries to prevent fintech startups from becoming scammers.
ASIC is teaming up with its Singaporean counterpart to encourage more fintech startups and dip its toe into the fast moving waters of the digital economy.
PayPal is far more dominant in online payments in the US than Australia where traditional players have defended the market. Geoff Livingston/Flickr

Fintech might be hot right now, but banks are still winning

Venture capital money is starting to flow into Australian fintech, but success will largely be based on whether new players can innovate in areas where bank's aren't.

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