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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced changes to the ALP’s education reforms. AAP

Change the name but ‘Gonski’ has a future under Rudd

Newly reinstated prime minister Kevin Rudd has publicly committed to Labor’s school reform agenda and extended the deadline for states and territories to sign up to the National Plan for School Improvement…
Kevin Rudd’s campaigning today will be a reminder to the caucus of his popularity among people. AAP/Dave Hunt

Grattan on Friday: caucus members are sitting on a powder keg

Kevin Rudd will hit western Sydney today to do some high profile campaigning. For Labor, he would say. For the leadership, others would note. Rudd will be mobbed. He’ll visit schools in the electorates…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard is promoting her government’s schools funding plan – but should the same model be applied to university funding too? AAP Image/Dan Peled

Should we copy Gonski in higher education funding?

The Australian Education Bill, introduced to the parliament last week, sets out the government’s Gonski reforms to school funding. One of the reform’s key tenets is that extra money should go to schools…
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell (right) said today he would back Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s school reforms package. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

NSW backs Gillard’s Gonski schools plan

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard today said NSW has become the first state to sign up to the National Education Reform…
Universities source around 60% of their funding from the government - down from 90% in the 1980s. AAP

Funding cuts pose challenges for the university business model

As state premiers meet to thrash out an agreement on funding the Gonski school reforms, universities have been gnashing their teeth at being the losers in the funding equation. Earlier this week, Vice-Chancellor…
Another funding shake-up: the University of South Queensland and others are concerned about cuts to student funding and scholarships. USQ/Grace Yu

Students to pay the price for reduced university funding

Losing A$200 a student doesn’t sound like a major cut for a multi-billion-dollar industry - so will the new university funding…
The reforms announced this week to school funding don’t make for a fairer system. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

A fairer Australia? Gonski and Labor’s class war

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement yesterday about a new school funding and resource standard does not deliver on Gonski’s promise. Gillard said that the plan would mean “better resourcing and…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard is trying to get all the states on board to realise her schools funding reform plan. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Gonski package: the government’s big test will be NSW and Victoria

The Gillard government has two immediate problems with the politics of its A$14.5 billion education funding plan. First, and most seriously, the six-year blueprint, which requires the states to pay one…
Tertiary education minister Craig Emerson has outlined heavy cuts for the higher sector to help pay for the Gonski school reforms. AAP image/Alan Porritt

University cuts help pay for Gonski school reforms

The higher education sector is to take heavy budget cuts to help pay for the government’s Gonski school funding plan, a key measure in Julia Gillard’s bid for re-election. About A$2.3 billion will be saved…
The Gonski recommendations on schools funding is no longer a political fight – it’s a moral one. School children image from

An ethical education: why Gonski is a moral issue

In the lead up to negotiations with the states on schools funding reform, the government has armed itself by labelling the reforms as a moral issue. It’s easy, of course, for a politician to bring an issue…
Tony Abbott has been quiet on the subject of federalism recently. AAP/Alan Porritt

Grattan on Friday: Abbott, a centralist at heart

Suddenly, everyone seems to be unloading about the state of federal-state relations and the problems of the Council of Australian Governments. COAG, where the prime minister, premiers and chief ministers…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaking at the release of the Gonski report in Canberra earlier this year. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

From lukewarm to wedge issue: how Labor could use Gonski at the next election

After nearly six months on the policy bench, the Gillard Labor government is planning to release its response to the Gonski review into school funding. The government is still debating the reforms in cabinet…

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