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Bill Glasson, with his wife Clare and daughters Nicola and Gemma at the last election, will have another tilt at former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s Brisbane seat of Griffith. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Glasson reveals his heart won over head in run for Griffith

The Liberals will have their star candidate Bill Glasson running for them in the by-election for Kevin Rudd’s former seat…
Voters in Griffith will soon be forced back to the polls – only this time, there’ll be no Kevin Rudd. Who will win the south Brisbane seat? Liz Minchin

Rudd’s poor timing will likely cost ALP in Griffith

Kevin Rudd’s final speech in parliament last night was delivered in his customary egocentric fashion. There will be many think pieces on Rudd’s career and his legacy, but perhaps the more interesting immediate…

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