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Study links depression with hearing loss

A new study shows hearing loss is associated with depression in American adults, particularly women and those under the age…
The ubiquitous use of personal music players has radically increased our recreational noise exposure. Andrew Ferguson

Health Check: is your personal music player doing you damage?

It’s happened to all of us – you walk past someone and you can hear every beat, riff and wail coming from their headphones. If you’ve ever wondered whether this could be damaging their hearing, the answer…
Say that again? Hearing aids as fashion? Flickr/Dilliweed

Make hearing aids available on the high street to fight stigma

More than one in ten middle-aged people has difficulty following speech in noisy environments, according to an analysis of 165,000 people in the UK Biobank, a project following the health of half a million…
Men account for 61% of the health expenditure on hearing loss. charlene trapp

Wired by sound: the long-term impacts of constant noise

I have a favourite café that I have patronised regularly for many years. It’s often crowded and noisy and, until this year, I coped with that by taking my coffee early – before the café ambience became…

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