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Women have struggled for political power since before independence. EPA/Jaipal Singh

Indian election ‘womanifesto’ and the battle for equal rights

Over five weeks, 815m Indians will have the opportunity to choose a new government many hope will tackle inequality and corruption and lead the country to greater prosperity. The choice is ostensibly between…
Getting mighty crowded: 800m is a lot of people to get to the polls. EPA/Jagadeesh NV

Social media scrutiny promises a cleaner election in India

The first set of Indian constituencies goes to the polls on April 7 in what has been described as “the biggest election ever seen”. The scale of organisation needed to co-ordinate this democratic exercise…
Many of India’s systems and institutions are corrupt. Will India’s disaffected youth be judging their candidates based on this? AAP

Corruption provides a focus for India’s sprawling electoral contest

In some ways, India is the world in microcosm: 1.2 billion people, more than twice the population of the European Union, and a federation of 28 states (same as the EU), plus seven union territories. The…
When 814 million Indians go to the polls next month, who will they choose? AAP

A view to lead India: who are the candidates?

India will go to the polls from April 5 to May 12 to choose between three party leaders for its next prime minister. The first is a seasoned politician and three-time chief minister, the Bharatiya Janata…
World’s biggest democracy: voters queue to register. EPA/Jaipal Singh

India goes to the polls in the biggest election ever seen

After weeks of waiting for the dates to be announced, the dates and process of the next election in the world’s largest democracy have been confirmed. On 9 separate days between April 7 and May 12, 814m…
Narendra Modi: is this India’s next prime minister? EPA/Jaipal Singh

India 2014: the mother of all elections

India may not be the world’s oldest democracy but it is certainly the biggest. The next elections for its parliament will be the largest ever, with a total of 814 million people eligible to vote – 100…
BJP supporters celebrate in Delhi, one of four states in which the Congress Party suffered heavy losses in a portent of change in 2014’s national elections. EPA

Crisis of political legitimacy heralds change at the top in India

Recent state election results in India point to the Congress Party losing power in national elections this year. The Indian National Congress has led India as the biggest party in a national coalition…

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