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The increasing trend of outsourcing drug production is leading to shortages in cancer drugs. Flickr

Risky business: the human cost of outsourcing drug production

It’s the pharmaceutical industry equivalent of the butterfly effect: a drug manufacturing plant in Ohio shuts down production after regulators on two continents uncover contamination problems. Suddenly…
Spicy debate: RMIT is researching the effectiveness of ginseng in improving lung function in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Flickr/wparadiso.

Alternative medicine can be scientific, say besieged academics

RMIT University’s School of Health Sciences has rejected the suggestion that it peddles pseudo-scientific quackery via its…
Type 1 diabetics often rely on insulin injection pens but early trials show a nasal spray could prevent diabetes developing. Flickr

Nasal spray vaccine may stop diabetes, early tests show

A nasal spray vaccine may prevent type 1 diabetes from developing in humans, early trial results show. Type 1 diabetics usually…
Medical deans are calling for a 50% increase in federal funding for student places. Flickr

Medical schools call for 50% funding boost

Australia’s medical schools need a 50% increase in federal funding to boost the proportion of places available to domestic…

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