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US psychiatrist Allen Frances is confusing the issues. Julie70/Flickr

Early intervention for psychosis: not just popping pills

A controversy is brewing on the website Psychology Today and subsequently in The Australian newspaper. At the heart of the issue is US psychiatrist Dr Allen Frances’ comments on the Australian Federal…
Mentally ill Australians have a life expectancy 25 years lower than the rest of the population. AAP

Mental illness is no excuse for turning a blind eye to smoking

Almost half of all cigarettes smoked in Australia, the US and the UK are smoked by people with a mental illness. It’s a startling statistic and it paints a grim picture for the physical health of the one…
People with depression are less able to cope with stress. OliviaGR

Depression can break your heart, literally

Having a “broken” or a “heavy” heart is a description often used by people who are feeling down or depressed. It turns out they’re not that far off the mark. People with depression are three to four times…
Keeping a journal or confiding in a friend can help overcome emotional issues.

You can work it out: shrinks aren’t always the best option

“When people get sick or injured or want advice about their health, they want to see a doctor” Dr Andrew Pesce, AMA President. As a child psychiatrist, I work with general practitioners to enhance the…
A DNA test can detect fragile X syndrome with 99% accuracy. AAP

ADHD, autism or something else entirely?

Most people are not aware of fragile X syndrome but they may well be affected by it or know someone who is. Commonly under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed the condition is often mistaken for Attention Deficit…

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