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In 2016, a UK Home Affairs Committee report highlighted that street-based sex work has diminished significantly over the last two to three decades. shutterstock

Stigma and stereotypes about sex work hinder regulatory reform

Consensual sex work, like non-commercial sex, mostly happens behind closed doors. Yet stigma toward and ignorance about sex workers makes people panic when we try to talk about reform.
A blueprint for ISIS – and for a video game? Camp Bucca, Iraq. Atef Hassan/Reuters

Playing at torture, a not so trivial pursuit

Does including torture or other human rights violations in video games trivialize the actions? Or might it force us to think more critically about them?
Dire predictions on the future of children’s brains are shocking, not least because of how flimsy the evidence is to support these views.

Don’t panic, the internet won’t rot children’s brains

Baseless claims about the damage done to kids' development create needless panic. And they distract from legitimate, evidence-based concerns with which parents need to engage.
Industry insiders spoke of how mainstream porn has moved from being ‘lovey dovey’ in the mid-1990s to rough and aggressive. Cher Amio/Flickr

Aggressive and debasing: the real issues in porn debates

It’s a well-worn political trick that you caricature and call your opponents names when you don’t want to engage with the substance of their claims. In debates about porn, pornography advocates often seek…

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