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We all need to learn the art of negotiation. Julia Taylor

When negotiating, who should make the first offer?

We all negotiate every day, from discussing dinner options, to seeking a pay rise or striking an international business deal. But what does the research show about who should make the first offer?
Onlookers must respect boundaries. EPA

Sydney siege shows social media is a risky business

As the hostage crisis in Sydney came to a dramatic, deadly end, people were flooded with information. The siege at the building in the city’s Central Business District is over and the gunman is dead. The…
What negotiating tactics did Republican Speaker John Boehner employ in trying to outflank the Democrats in the standoff over the US government shutdown and debt ceiling? EPA/Michael Reynolds

Coming out on top: negotiation theory and the US government shutdown

The end of the two week-long US government shutdown appears imminent, and a temporary lift to the American debt ceiling is in place. But what do we know about the various theories of negotiation that underpinned…
Gareth Bale: keeping bargaining theorists busy. Chris Radburn/PA

Clever bargaining strategy may lead to record transfer for Bale

The Gareth Bale transfer saga drags on, as Real Madrid consider buying Tottenham Hotspur’s star player for a world record transfer fee of around £100m. For those of us who have studied the process of bargaining…
From hire to liar: honesty is not always the best policy in workplace negotiations. Image from

Sweet little lies: how men and women use deception in negotiations

Negotiations, by their nature, tempt individuals into an ethical slide. Even the most principled negotiator would consider it acceptable to withhold some information from an opponent, just as a self-protective…
Negotiations by women at work continue to be influenced by traditional gender attitudes. Flickr/Seattle Municipal Archives

A lose-lose proposition: what’s really happening when women negotiate

The “equal pay for equal work” dream is yet to become a reality. Not only do women earn, on average, 17.6% less than men, there are worrying signs that this wage gap may be starting to increase. What this…

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