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There may not be good news for the future of newspapers, but the future of journalism can be bright. AAP/Alan Porritt

Newspapers are dying, but long live the news

Former editorial director of News Corp in Queensland David Fagan expressed both optimism and realism about the future of journalism in Australia when he addressed an audience of academics at Queensland…
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch on his ‘most humble day’ before a British parliamentary inquiry into phone hacking. Paul Barry’s new book delivers an insight into his rise and recent troubles. EPA/Press Association

Book review: Breaking News – Sex, Lies & the Murdoch Succession

The best lines in investigative journalist Paul Barry’s new book - Breaking News: Sex, Lies & the Murdoch Succession - are supplied by Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour, that connoisseur of corporate…
Where will Rupert Murdoch’s influential broadsheet The Australian focus its agenda now that there has been a change of government? AAP/Dean Lewins

Now Abbott’s in, what will The Australian do?

How does a newspaper of strong ideological preferences - such as News Corp broadsheet The Australian - respond when there is a government in office that more closely shares its ideology than did the previous…
Former News Corp Australia chief executive Kim Williams speaking with journalist Kerry O'Brien at a QUT business leaders’ forum. Kim Stephens/Brisbane Times

Former News Corp chief plays coy on election coverage

In his first major speech since his sudden resignation last month as News Corp Australia’s chief executive, Kim Williams had the packed Grand Ballroom at Brisbane’s Hilton hotel abuzz with speculation…
Wherever the leaders went on the campaign trail the media followed. How can we assess the media’s performance? AAP/Alan Porritt

Election 2013: the role of the media

In one sense, the Australian media did a good job under difficult circumstances in this election. The difficult part was how predictable the campaign was and the increasing inevitability of the outcome…
British Labour MP has worked to expose and investigate activities by News Corporation figures ranging from phone hacking to bribing police. Chris Boland

In Conversation with Tom Watson MP: edited transcript

Jill Singer: You’ve come here fresh from being British Labour’s campaign coordinator, which you’re not doing now. We won’t get into all the argy-bargy about that. But I wonder, coming from that perspective…
Rupert Murdoch’s evidence to the Leveson Inquiry appears to contradict statements recorded by his journalists in mid-2013, says Labour MP Tom Watson. Toastwife

In Conversation with Tom Watson MP: “If I was Lord Leveson I’d be asking which Rupert Murdoch was telling me the truth”

Rupert Murdoch may have perjured himself before the Leveson Inquiry, according to claims made by British Labour MP Tom Watson. Watson, who has spent much of the last five years investigating activities…
Kim Williams’ departure from News Corp can be seen through the prism of him having ‘failed to civilise’ the media giant. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Tomorrow’s fish n’ chips: Kim Williams leaves News Corp

Poor old Kim Williams. It was like putting celebrity chef Gabriel Gaté in charge of the abattoir. Red in tooth and claw is the News Corp style, especially during election campaigns, and now in the midst…
The resignation of News Corp Australia CEO Kim Williams comes at the end of week where the company’s tabloids were criticised for ‘biased’ election coverage. AAP/Lukas Coch

News is the story as boss Kim Williams resigns

The first week of what is shaping up to be a great election campaign ended as it began – with the media at the forefront of the agenda. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia has been firmly in focus all…
We take a closer look at the claim the prime minister has made on the Murdoch press in Australia.

FactCheck: does Murdoch own 70% of newspapers in Australia?

“Mr Murdoch is entitled to his own view… he owns 70% of the newspapers in this country.” – Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, press conference, 6 August. One of the more spirited discussions of the first week…
Rupert Murdoch’s Australian newspapers have already come out swinging against the current government in the early stages of the election campaign. AAP/Paul Miller

Murdoch and his influence on Australian political life

In 2007, journalist Ken Auletta spent a great deal of time with Rupert Murdoch while writing a magazine profile of him. Auletta observed that Murdoch was frequently on the phone to his editors and this…

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