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Most people in the world eat five times as much salt as they need to be healthy. Daniel Y. Go

Action on salt will mean longer, healthier lives

Non-communicable diseases – Jacqui Webster looks at strategies for reducing the salt content of our diets. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – typically cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases…
Better ways to finance pharmaceutical research and development could make medicines more accessible. Images_of_Money

Blueprint for making medicines more affordable for everyone

Non-communicable diseases – Philip Soos examines the importance of essential drugs and technologies to the world’s poor, a priority action area noted by the Lancet NCD Action Group and the NCD Alliance…
Drugs that switch off the ‘master gene’ that controls Type 2 diabetes could be five years away. Flickr/ThomasThomas

Could a drug reverse Type 2 diabetes?

Australian researchers have isolated a ‘master gene’ that controls Type 2 diabetes and say drugs that prevent or reverse…
Don Draper may like a smoke but the madmen of the tobacco industry do all they can to undermine public health.

Tobacco’s mad men threaten public health

Non-communicable diseases – Matthew Rimmer examines plain packaging as a way to curb tobacco use. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of non-communicable diseases. In an episode of the television show…
Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon addresses the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs on September 19, 2011. UN Photo/Marco Castro

Non-communicable diseases come to the United Nations

Non-communicable diseases – Professor Stephen Leeder looks at what came out of the UN meeting on NCDs. Despite the lack of definite goals and targets, the United Nations High-Level Meeting in New York…
The most promising interventions to curb obesity’s prevalence target the population as a whole rather than individuals. Tobyotter

Stemming the obesity epidemic requires courageous, population-level action

Non-communicable diseases – Lennert Veerman examines the reasons for the obesity epidemic and options for controlling it. Obesity levels are on the rise the world over. This is a sign that something is…
Focussing on ‘harmful’ alcohol use means attention is diverted from reducing alcohol intake across the population. Visit Greenwich

Last drinks: regulating alcohol to prevent non-communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases – Paula O'Brien looks at the what The Lancet NCD Action Group and the NCD Alliance name as one of the [priority interventions](\11)60393-0/fulltext…
The UN is holding a High-Level meeting on September 19-20 to discuss the impact of NCDs. AAP

We need a new paradigm to stop non-communicable diseases

Non-communicable diseases – The first in our series of articles about non-communicable diseases is a contribution from the emeritus director of the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO), who provides…
Government policies promoting economic growth have contributed to global crises of overconsumption such as obesity. colros/Flickr

Shaping up: a blueprint to reverse our 40-year weight gain

Obesity has been on the rise for some 40 years and will continue to create an enormous burden on global health systems if governments around the world do not take decisive, policy-driven action, according…
The US has been in the lead of changing the rhetoric and practice of how the developing world gives aid. cea b d o/Flickr

Giving what it takes: healthy priorities emerge from independent review of aid

Ever since the global financial crisis, “value for money” has become the slogan of choice for international aid. The Americans have been in the lead, changing the rhetoric and practice of how they give…

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