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What has your ocean done for you recently? Lots, actually. AAP

Do we value our oceans?

Whether it’s sailing across turquoise waters, admiring a sea view or being able to pop a shrimp on the barbie, on World Oceans Day it is fitting to reflect on how most people derive some benefit from our…
Whale watcher’s photographs of unique humpback tail patterns can help researchers learn more about migration patterns. Flickr, Marj K

Attention whale watchers: scientists want your snaps

Whale watchers lucky enough to snap a photograph of a humpback whale this season are being asked to send their shots to researchers…

A model way with waves

Researchers have begun a project to create the first global tool to forecast how changes in wave patterns and rising sea…

Satellites offer help for kelp

Scientists have developed new methods for studying how environmental factors and climate affect giant kelp forest ecosystems…

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