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At least ten cents in every dollar of superannuation assets is indirectly financing house purchases via commercial bank debt. AAP/Lukas Coch

Here’s how superannuation is already financing homes

What critics of the plan to use superannuation for housing miss is that Australia’s super system already channels a significant proportion of retirement savings into housing.
Most Americans will be pinching pennies after they retire. Retirement pennies via

Why are so many Americans struggling to save for retirement?

The presidential candidates are largely ignoring one of the biggest economic issues facing Americans: more than half are struggling to save enough for retirement.
Retirees with higher incomes gain significant benefit from Australia’s super tax concessions. Image sourced from

What ‘fair’ superannuation would look like

The government compels us to do lots of things without any incentive payment, so why should super be any different?
Allowing people to raid their superannuation early is likely to have significant unintended consequences. Image sourced from

We need to talk about super, not just first home buyers

Australia's retirement income system is unsustainable, and there seems little political appetite to tackle the big issues.
Social security is on a collision course with insolvency. A little bit of math could keep it safe. Shutterstock

How mathematics could help us save social security

The US Social Security system has been heading toward insolvency for decades, with the program now projected to run a 25% deficit by a little after 2030, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Despite…
Delaying the super guarantee increase will have widespread repercussions. Shutterstock

Putting a real cost on delaying the super guarantee rise

The Abbott government’s deal with the Palmer United Party to freeze the minimum superannuation contribution rate at 9.5% until 2021 will not only cost retirees, it will also see future governments forced…
Retirement incomes will leave many short, especially single people. Image sourced from

The majority of Australians are not saving enough for retirement

Only 53% of couples and 22% of single people are on track to achieve a comfortable level of retirement income, according to an in-depth study of the adequacy of retirement savings. The outcome of a collaboration…
A cash cube representing the $18.8 billion dollars of unclaimed superannuation (2011 amount). Dean Lewins/AAPImage

CSIRO-led research to model superannuation spending

How older Australians spend their superannuation and the impact of suggested legislative changes on retirees, will be the…

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