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Who took the points in the first leaders’ debate of the 2016 campaign? AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Turnbull and Shorten face off in leaders’ debate: experts respond

The Conversation’s experts respond to the first Turnbull-Shorten debate with an eye across key policy areas and the leaders’ performances.
Cuts to funding in education and research shows a lack of planning for the future. from

The education budget report card: ‘F’ for Fail

You could be forgiven for thinking that education was left largely untouched in Tuesday’s federal budget. But the tinkerings to last year's education budget still mean a "fail" for education funding.
The Australian newspaper reported that the Federal Treasurer has refused to back down on a proposed $4 billion cut to schools and hospital funding – a move that will anger the states. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Federalism at stake if $4b is cut from schools and hospitals

The government’s attempt to engage the States on one hand while whipping them with the other does not augur well for tackling growing health and education costs -- or for lasting federal reform.
Budget results are in: universities will be able to charge students whatever they want from 2016. AAP

Federal budget 2014: education experts react

The government has unveiled a higher education deregulation agenda in Tuesday’s budget, including continuation of the demand driven system in public universities. In a major shake-up, universities, TAFEs…
Education Minister Christopher Pyne thinks of education as a cost to government, but really it’s an investment. AAP

Pyne misses the point in education reform

Tonight’s budget will produce few surprises for education funding. The deregulation of university fees, increased support for independent public schools, re-prioritised research funding and a commitment…
Cameron and Gove team up to open a Birmingham free school in September 2013. Paul Rogers/The Times/PA Archive

What are free schools the answer to?

The government’s free school policy, which allows local communities to set up new schools that are funded by the state, has come under attack in recent days by MPs and sparked a row within the coalition…
Education minister Chris Pyne says the Gonski model was addressing a problem that doesn’t really exist in Australian education: equity. AAP Image/ Nikki Short) NO ARCHIVING

FactCheck: is Australian education highly equitable?

“The OECD says that we are a high equity nation in terms of our students… I don’t believe there is an equity problem in Australia.” – Education Minister Christopher Pyne, Lateline interview, 26 November…
It’s not too often you see a backflip on a backflip, but education minister Christopher Pyne has managed it. AAP/Stefan Postles

From Gonski to gone to Gonski again: school funding future remains uncertain

It seems we’re in Gonski groundhog day. The repeated backflips and policy position switches from the Abbott government – only three months into its term – have been astounding. After announcing last week…
Another funding shake-up: the University of South Queensland and others are concerned about cuts to student funding and scholarships. USQ/Grace Yu

Students to pay the price for reduced university funding

Losing A$200 a student doesn’t sound like a major cut for a multi-billion-dollar industry - so will the new university funding…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard is trying to get all the states on board to realise her schools funding reform plan. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Gonski package: the government’s big test will be NSW and Victoria

The Gillard government has two immediate problems with the politics of its A$14.5 billion education funding plan. First, and most seriously, the six-year blueprint, which requires the states to pay one…
The Gonski recommendations on schools funding is no longer a political fight – it’s a moral one. School children image from

An ethical education: why Gonski is a moral issue

In the lead up to negotiations with the states on schools funding reform, the government has armed itself by labelling the reforms as a moral issue. It’s easy, of course, for a politician to bring an issue…
Our religious education system is out-dated and it needs to change. Religious image from

Religion should be taught in the home, not at school

It might come as a surprise to most Australians that our religious education system is not only out-moded but is doing damage to students, families and teachers. Special Religious Instruction (SRI) is…
New reports show Australian education is slipping, but what can be done about it? Education image from

Test shock: is our education system failing students?

The results of international literacy, numeracy and science tests released this week should be cause for alarm. In what the minister for education Peter Garrett called “disappointing” results, the Progress…

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