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Campbell Newman’s linking of Queensland’s dire financial situation with that of Spain saw quite a backlash, but is there an underlying element of truth? AAP

Perfect one day, bankrupt the next? Queensland’s missing fortune

Comments by Campbell Newman that Queensland was on the way to bankruptcy are, unfortunately, true. His comment that “Queensland does not have the money…” is globally true - but clearly specifically arguable…
Show of unity: Spain’s King Juan Carlos (centre) supported austerity cuts by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy - but expressed concern about their impact on Spanish youth. AAP

Spain faces brain drain as its youth looks for a future abroad

Half of Spain’s youth (that is, those under the age of 25) are now officially unemployed, while overall unemployment in Spain stands at 24.4%, according to the latest figures released by the Spanish Institute…
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy: banks are bailed, but just a brief respite? AAP

Spanish bailout buys time for eurozone - but only a little

The positivity off the weekend’s news that Spain’s banks will receive rescue loans of up to 100 billion euros from eurozone finance ministers appears short-lived. Despite it being well-received in Asian…
Generation Nothing: Spanish protestors against austerity in Cadiz. Aleksandra Hadzelek

Spain: dispatches from the frontline of the indignados movement

This week marked the first anniversary of the 15-M movement, a precursor of Occupy movements worldwide. 15-M again mobilised its supporters for a 4-day long program of street protests culminating in a…
Plans by Spain’s new conservative government to push through deep labour reform has provoked protests, as it struggles to tackle its soaring unemployment rate. AAP

Spain strikes against TINA, as the Eurozone watches on

Spain’s general strike last week has sent a clear message to other Eurozone countries about how challenging it may be to implement labour market reform. The strike was mostly peaceful, with the exception…
15-M started in Spain, but it has sparked protests around the globe. EPA/Jesus Diges

15-M back on Spain’s streets as protest goes global

This weekend Spain will see the return of its “revolution”. Those involved in the 15-M movement will once again take to the streets en masse to demand urgent reforms. Under the motto “united for a global…
The protest which started here in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid in mid-May has now swept throughout Spain. AAP/Pedro Armestre

How Spanish outrage could transform Europe

On 15 May 2011, one week before Spanish regional and municipal elections, young people gathered on Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square to start a protest known as 15-M movement. It has since acquired a universal…

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