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Jim Thorpe and Ben Johnson were both banned from the Olympics. But if each had played at different points in history, they would have been allowed to compete. Nick Lehr/The Conversation

When doping wasn’t considered cheating

In sports, what's considered fair play has changed throughout history. At one point, even looking 'too poor' was grounds for exclusion.
Placards featuring portraits of murdered journalists were used during a February 11, 2016 demonstration, which took place after reporter Anabel Flores was found dead on a highway in Puebla. Edgard Garrido/Reuters

With bodies piling up, the war on Mexican journalists has no end in sight

As recently as 10 years ago, Mexico had a press freedom index on par with the United States. How did everything fall apart so quickly?
Sean Penn aspired to literary journalism, but failed to capture the world outside his own head. Reuniones Anuales GBM / FMI Lima 2015

What is literary journalism, and why did Sean Penn fail to carry it off?

Sean Penn's interview with El Chapo hinges on a moral exploration of a man who lives in the public imagination as a super-villain. The story unravels because its voice does not enable moral insight.

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