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In 2009, more than 190 whales and dolphins stranded themselves on King Island. AAP

Explainer: What do we know about why whales strand themselves?

Whales are a highly specialised group of mammals which left their terrestrial ancestors for the ocean about 50 million years ago. They have become so well adapted to the marine environment that they can…

Humpback whale numbers on the rise

The number of humpback whales in the North Pacific Ocean could be higher than previously thought. 2008 estimates placed the…

Key to big whale bite found in fossils

An examination of fossils found 25 years ago on Victoria’s coastline are providing paleontologists with new clues into the…
Whale watcher’s photographs of unique humpback tail patterns can help researchers learn more about migration patterns. Flickr, Marj K

Attention whale watchers: scientists want your snaps

Whale watchers lucky enough to snap a photograph of a humpback whale this season are being asked to send their shots to researchers…
Just how vulnerable and defenceless are whales? Flickr/Guarda La

Whaling may be over, but don’t be smug

There are several reasons why Australians should welcome the imminent demise of Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. But none of them relate to the triumphal claims recently expressed by the likes of…

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