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Mario Vargas-Lopez hugs his daughter, Jersey, who is a anti-deportation activist. March 29 2014. David McNew/REUTERS

Deportations punish children most

An estimated 1.6 million American children are separated from their parents through deportation.
Ted Cruz in Iowa. Brian C. Frank/REUTERS

Ted Cruz’s birther problem

Legal scholars agree: Cruz is eligible to run for president. But that fact won't stop Trump and his other opponents from bringing up his Canadian birth.
A voter drops off her election ballot at a drop box in Oregon. Richard Clement/REUTERS

Why Asian Americans don’t vote Republican

Asian Americans are the wealthiest, best-educated and fastest-growing segment of voters in the US. They are also increasingly voting Democratic.
Former New York Governor George Pataki: “I think part of the problem is the…way Republicans think about climate change.” Rick Wilking/Reuters

Breaking the link between a conservative worldview and climate skepticism

In the last Republican presidential debate, two candidates spoke out on climate change – a sign that the tide is turning away from linking conservative policies with denying climate change.

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