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Australia isn’t viewed well in India, and it will take more than cricket to fix the relationship. AAP/David Hunt

Culture shock: mending Australia’s fractured relationship with India

On my last visit to India in April this year, I found the nation in the grip of Indian Premier League (IPL) fever, or so the umpteen news channels had me believe. With Katy Perry in a kitsch Indian costume…
Julia Gillard and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak at last week’s nuclear summit in Seoul. AAP/EPA

Julia Gillard is getting it wrong on Asia

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recent performance in South Korea highlights once again the dangers of not taking Asia seriously. At a speech at a university, Gillard apparently stuck directly to script…
Police contact with drug users and sex workers means they can help achieve public health goals. downtownBLUE

Police on the beat – the missing link of HIV prevention in Southeast Asia

HIV has claimed the lives of more than 30 million people since it emerged more than 30 years ago. But despite worldwide efforts to control the spread of the deadly disease, 2.6 million people contracted…
Gillard made ground with Pacific leaders at the APEC summit, but Australia has much work left to do. AAP

Is Australia truly ready for the Asian century?

Australia’s future is clearly linked to the dynamism of North Asia and Indonesia, Vietnam and other economies in the region. Yet many significant challenges confront Australia in realising the promised…
The less Australia reaches outwards, the less it will reap the rewards. Sean MacEntee

Shrinking piece of the pie chart – Australian science and the world

Have you used your mobile phone, taken medicine or banked online today? As consumers, we benefit directly from the increasing pace of innovation. But ten years into the Asian century, the source of innovation…
The East Asia Summit could be a useful start on the road towards a ‘concert of powers’. EPA/Christophe Archambault/Pool

Finding the balance between India and China in the Asian ‘concert of powers’

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the eighth part of our series, Sandy Gordon of the Australian National University looks at the possibility of an agreement which would draw the key Asian states together. The CIA…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao. AAP

Learning to live in the Asian century

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the fifth part of our series, Kathe Kirby of the University of Melbourne examines whether our education system is preparing children for the future. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has…
Julia Gillard has to strike a balance between forging meaningful links with Asian countries, and managing relationships with older allies. EPA/Rungroj Yongrit

The ‘lucky, lazy country’ shows how not to win friends in Asia

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the third part of our series, former diplomat Alison Broinowski of the Australian National University examines our rocky relationship with our Asian neighbours. “Australia hasn’t…
Julia Gillard could play a pivotal role in ensuring Asia’s security, and improve Australia’s economy in the process. AFP/Minoru Iwasaki

Australia in Asia: How to keep the peace and ensure regional security

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the second of our series Nick Bisley of La Trobe University examines the responsibilities Australia must take on to ensure security in Asia. Asia’s economic powerhouses are booming…
Australia will have to try something new, and align itself more closely to Asia. AAP Image/Adam Gartrell

Is Australia ready for the ‘Asian century?’

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the first of The Conversation’s series on Australia’s relations with Asia, Professor Tony Milner of the Australian National University examines whether we are prepared for the “Asian…

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